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COVID-19 Precautions


  • Masks are optional for worship.

  • If wearing a mask, ensure to wear well-fitting, good quality masks.



  • We ask that everyone self-screen prior to attending worship.

  • Please do NOT attend worship if:

    • You are experiencing any coughing, sneezing, sore throat, cold, flu, or COVID-like symptoms.

    • You have COVID, or have tested positive for COVID in that last 10 days.

    • You have been in contact with a confirmed COVID case or a suspected COVID case in the past 14 days.



  • We will no longer be enforcing social distancing. However, we encourage social distancing where possible.


Proof of Vaccination

  • We will no longer ask for proof of vaccination.



  • The church will be cleaned on a weekly basis, with all touch points sanitized.



  • We may consider sharing communion once per month starting after Easter.

  • We will commune using the pre-filled communion packages, which include both wafers and grape juice.


Church Use

  • We ask that all continue to wear masks while in the church building at this time.

  • Staff may remove masks while in their offices, or if church is unoccupied.

  • We ask all renters to continue to wear masks as well.

  • All groups must continue to clean and sanitize surfaces after use.

  • Food / coffee time:

    • If a group asks to rent the facility for a group meal or coffee time, they may do so if:

      • There is no one else using the church building at the time.

      • There are no other rentals  or church groups using the building within 12 hours after the event.  

    • Food or beverages may be shared outdoors without restriction.


Meetings, Small Group Events, Youth and Family Events

  • Church groups (ie. committees, small groups, etc.) may consider meeting outside the church (ie. in a home or at a restaurant) with masking as optional, as long as all in the group express consent beforehand.  It is the responsibility of the leader (small group facilitator, committee chair, etc.) to ask for consent before proceeding with a plan that includes the option of removing masks.

  • Youth and family events may be planned with masking optional (ie. at a private residence or at a restaurant). Consent forms that explain the event must be distributed to families beforehand, and participants must bring consent forms signed by their parents or guardians to participate in the event.

  • We encourage all participants to practice self-screening when participating in events that involve close contact with others without masks.



  • Pastor Jeremy will continue to exercise precautions over and above those provided by the Manitoba Government during this time. This is both to protect those that Pastor Jeremy visits, as well as his own health and the health of members of his own family.

  • Pastor Jeremy will continue to wear a mask at all times when meeting in person with others, whether in the church or at home.

  • Pastor Jeremy will not be attending restaurants or participating in indoor meals at this time.

  • Pastor Jeremy will not be accepting food or beverages when participating in pastoral care visits.

  • Pastor Jeremy requests that others wear a mask during a pastoral care visit. If you cannot wear a mask, or if wearing a mask is uncomfortable, Pastor Jeremy may still visit, but will keep social distance.

  • Pastor Jeremy may refrain from attending events where a group of people are socializing without wearing masks.

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