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Our Pastor

What can we say about Pastor Jeremy? He’s alright. He used be a mechanical engineer (and he still gets a little nerdy on us from time to time). He loves playing guitar and piano, and he’s written a couple of songs for CLAY, our national youth gathering. Jeremy loves hanging out with youth and young adults. He’s got two friends – Chelsea the Chick and Terry the Tiger – who show up sometimes on Sundays and help him with his children’s messages.


Jeremy loves nature, and he cares deeply about the environment. His favourite place in the whole world is Luther Village, where he loves canoeing on Dogtooth Lake and singing songs around a campfire. He tries to ride his bike to church as much as possible – even in the winter!


Jeremy has a deep respect for Indigenous peoples, and he is committed to walking in the path of Truth and Reconciliation. Jeremy is affirming of all genders and sexual orientations. He believes that human beings – in all of our wonderful diversity! - are made in the image of God.

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