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What to Expect

Our Congregations
Abundant Life Lutheran
East St. Paul
Sundays 9:45 AM
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Prince of Peace Lutheran
Windsor Park
Sundays 11:15AM
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We worship in a liturgical way. What does “liturgical” mean? It’s an ancient, yet beautiful way of exploring the story of God’s love through prayer, scripture, singing, and sacraments (like baptism and communion). Some people think that liturgical churches are boring, or stuffy, or just out-of-fashion, but we don’t think of it that way! We think that liturgy is a beautiful way to bring both ancient traditions and modern ideas into our worship.


Our worship services are typically about one hour long. You don’t have to wear anything fancy: folks wear whatever is comfortable, whether that might be dress clothes, or jeans and t-shirts.


We sing a variety of songs in worship, from upbeat “Praise and Worship” songs to well-loved hymns. Sometimes we experiment with different kinds of worship services, like family-centered worship, or contemplative worship.

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