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Memorial Garden

The cycles of life impact us in countless ways, perhaps none more profoundly than the death of someone we love. In faith and hope, we send our loved ones into the promise of eternal rest. The memorial garden at Abundant Life Lutheran Church offers an alternative burial arrangement for those who have passed from this life to the next.


The proximity of this resting place to the church is a tangible reminder of the spirit embodied in the great cloud of witnesses of which we, too, are a part. A visit to the church for worship or other activities, provides an opportunity to sit, reflect, meditate, and pray—to feel the comfort of the divine presence, to sense the interconnectedness of all of life, to rest in God’s grace and consolation.


The garden is available at Abundant Life Lutheran location, to members and friends of the congregation, Spirit of Life Ministry, as well as those in the East St. Paul and neighbouring communities. It is designed to receive the cremated remains of your deceased loved ones. The ashes are placed directly into the soil of the garden and will compost over the course of several months—earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


Contact the church office and/or the pastor to begin the process of making arrangements for a Christian service.


A memorial service followed by interment of cremated remains may be chosen, or simply a “graveside” service at the outdoor garden. Details of the service and interment may be worked out with the pastor.


FALL 2023 PROGRESS UPDATE - We have made a lot of progress with the monument stone  design which will be placed at the memorial garden.  The monument stone will be two sided, the first will have Abundant Life Lutheran logo, the Memorial Garden title and a part of a verse from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3.  
On the second side of the granite monument, each name of a cherished loved one will be carved into the stone to acknowledge that they have been interred at the Memorial Garden. Here are working design mock ups for your reference.

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