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Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Sharing God's peace

 ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbour as yourself.’  Luke 10:27


As God’s people, we have much to offer our community. Our greatest gifts are the grace we have received and the love we have to give.


We strive to use our God-given gifts to share the joy of God’s message of love, to care for others, and to nurture the growth of gifts and faith in ourselves and others.


We are a warm and welcoming community of faith worshipping in the Windsor Park neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We feel like a big family with a strong faith - like a country church in the city. We love sharing in fellowship with one another, especially when there is food involved! We hope that you will feel a part of our Prince of Peace family as soon as you walk in the door!


Our journey as a congregation began in the late 50’s, when Rev. Raymond Sevold was appointed a Mission Developer by the United Lutheran Church in America. He began a time of door-to-door calling that led to the first worship service at Prince of Peace, with 52 persons in attendance, at Prendergast School in Windsor Park. The congregation was officially organized on May 1, 1960 at a service attended by 79 adults and 81 children.


On September 27, 1964, the Service of Groundbreaking was held on the corner of Autumnwood Drive and Biveau Road (now known as Winakwa Road). Pastor Arnold Bjelland (1962-1966) saw the congregation through this building process which resulted in the dedication of the new church building on March 7, 1965. The sanctuary was expanded in 1980 through very expert volunteer labour. An addition was constructed in 1986, providing a lounge area, fellowship hall and classrooms.

Prince of Peace has been served by numerous pastors: Rev. Donald Kern (1966-69); Rev. Theodore Chell (1970-74); Rev. William Wade (1975-77); Rev. Ronald Grout (1977-85); Rev. Donald Miller (1986-88); Rev. Greg Anderson (1989-92); Rev. Lorraine Grislis (1992-1993); Rev. Dean Andersen (1993-2004); Rev. Stacy Moroz (2005-2012); Rev. John Giroux (2013-2016); Rev. Annemarie MacIntosh (2017-2019), Rev. Jeremy Langner (2019-2023) and Rev. Murray Still (2023 - present).


We actively seek opportunities to share our worship space and fellowship hall with other groups in our community. These days, we share worship space with The Mountain of  Fire and Miracles Ministry and Bethel Christian Fellowship.


Join us for worship this Sunday at 11:15 am.

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